DAY 1 Day 1 Chiang Mai Fang Doi Pu Muen (-/L/D

MORNING 09.00 AM After Breakfast at the hotel, depart to North of Chiang Mai to Fang
LUNCH 12.00 AM Arrive and have lunch at Phumanee Lahu Home Hotel in the downtown of Fang.
AFTERNOON 1.00 PM Brief about Doi Pu Muen & Lahu Tribe; Phumanee is the Information Centre of Lahu tribe.The condition of the village as well as the history of immigration and birth place of origin.Their main objectives for the better future.13h30 Transfer to Doi Pu Muen by 4x4 WD truck. Stop at the local market on the way to buy things needed during volunteer period. Continue to the high mountain along the bumpy road for approximately 45 minutes to Lahu village at Doi Pu Muen, 1,306 meters above sea level. The people who live here are the black Lahu hill tribe who mainly settle their communities in the Union of Myanmar and Thailand. Here, at Doi Pu Muen there are 2 villages of the Lahu; Pu Muen Nok/Outside (the Buddhist) and Pu Muen Nai /Inside (the Christian). 14h30 Arrive Pu Muen Nai (Inside) and welcome by the hosts. Leave your gears at home stay (dormitory room for the group) & relax.15h00 Time to learn Making Tea; picking leaves from plantation heating massaging to remove the oil out of the leaves drying process As tea & coffee are the main cash crops of Doi Pu Muen especially tea so, a lot of tea plantations can be found all over the village. 16h30 Begin sightseeing around; seeing more of the village atmosphere learning by chatting & interchanging some cultural ideas with the hill tribe people.learning their daily life.learning about their style of architecture (house pattern & materials).17h30 Debrief for the next day activities.
NIGHT 6.30 PM Enjoy having dinner with the hostas family as well as having a good time with them chatting and learning some Lahu words in order to be able to communicate with the Lahu people who know nothing about English.

DAY 2 Day 2 Doi Pu Muen - Volunteer Camp Fire (B/L/D)

MORNING 08.00 AM Breakfast at home stay.09h00 Embark on the community project for instances; Construction the community base Develop livelihood about public health in the village Develop sanitation in the village; toilet, kitchen, household and etc,Conduct or Teach English class at the school
LUNCH 12.00 AM Lunch at home stay or the construction site or at the school depending on what the project is.
AFTERNOON 1.30 PM Continues activities Carry on the construction work Develop agriculture; tea & coffee plantations Classifying vegetation plots17h00 Debrief and summarize as well as re-arrange and do a report for the next volunteer group.18h00 Return to home stay for freshening up and recreating
NIGHT 7.00 PM Group gathering around the Camp Fire at the villageas ground. Join cooking then having Bamboo Meal with the villagers.20h00 Get a cultural exchange with the Lahu hill tribe. Participate in the cultural dance with the locals as they welcome us and show their appreciation for our contribution to their village.

DAY 3 Day 3 Doi Pu Muen Waterfall Chiang Mai (B/L/-)

MORNING 08.00 AM After breakfast, farewell and thanks giving for the host before leaving home stay. 09h00 Meet at the meeting point with the villagers informing them about the social works done by this group as well as what the project of the next volunteer group in the nearly future. 10h00 Transfer by truck from the village to Pu Muen Waterfall.
LUNCH 12.00 AM Lunch at Phumanee Lahu Home Hotel.
AFTERNOON 1.00 PM Transfer by local Song-Taew (normal truck) back to Chiang Mai.16h00 Return to the hotel on your reservation or the airport for the afternoon flight to..






1. Transportation
-Truck Transfer from Chiang Mai - Fang and Fang