DAY 1 Morning 09.00 - 13.00 / Afternoon 16.00 - 20.00

MORNING 09.00 AM Pick up at the hotel by an English instructor and being transferred by van to Nong Hoi local market. Spend about 40 minutes joining the group purchasing fresh ingredients (chicken, prawns, herbs & vegetables) for the class as well as learning to know about tropical vegetations which’s quite interesting! 09h50 Continue to Baan Hong Hual, situated on Chiangmai –Lam Pang Road, only about 15 minutes away from the market. 10h15 Arrive and get briefly introduction of Baan Hong Nual which’s an open kitchen in Lanna Thai style. All students will be then given aprons and headdresses as cooking uniforms. 10h30 Wash hands and get yourself ready for the 1st menu. However, before you start cooking first of all you would be introduced about all the kitchen utensils as well as the seasonings normally needed in the Thai cuisine. Secondly, you’ll be shown how to prepare all the ingredients also how to cook. During the class the instructor still teach you intentionally step by step. After the 1st menu is done, you’ll be given a time to taste how delicious is your food. 11h00 Continue cooking the 2nd dish that needs about 30 minutes to finishing including preparing, cooking and tasting. 11h30 Take a small break for about 15 minutes for some tea, coffee or herbal drinks (complimentary by the school). Or students can spend time to walk around seeing herbal & vegetable plantations as well as different kinds of fruits like Longan, Mango, Rose Apple, Guava, Lychees & Jack Fruit.
LUNCH 12.00 AM Back to the class again for the 3rd and the 4th dishes (normally the Thai Curry &Dessert). 12h40 Some steamed rice will be served with curry then follow by a dessert.
AFTERNOON 1.20 PM When the class is over, cook books in English version with color pictures will be given to all students. 13h00 Thanks and say bye to each other then transfer back to the hotel.




Approximately Join group pick up at
-Morning 09.00-13.00 AM
-Afternoon 16.00- 20.00 PM


1. Transportation : Van
2. An English Speaking Instructor
3. Hand Cook Book
4. VAT